Audio Equipment


Recordings I have big ambitions to record myself reading books aloud and recording videos to correspond with my tutorials to help different learning styles. With those ambitions comes a big learning curve! For example, recording myself with the same headset used for pair programming was just not going to cut it. Current Equipment The Logitech H800 headset pictured above is great for working remotely as a software engineer. I highly recommend these as a cost effective option.

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After self reflection, I have realized that I want to have a presence on the interwebs. Thus, I invented SheBytes… but somebody else already had this thought… so… was the winner! Plus, as I broke it down as the inputs and outputs of my «bytes» - IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!! Nice. Now, I have created a google doc of all my ideas I want to incorporate into the site that feels a bit like this:

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carrie polyglot go

This blog is written in Go and deployed on Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) AppEngine. Wow. Did I just say that?!? I suppose I should have started off with I am a  Windows girl living in a  Linux and  OS X world. The first 10 years of my coding career managed to revolve around C#, .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, WCF, WinForms, LINQToSQL, LINQ, EF, Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Controls, Angular, MS-SQL, SSRS, Crystal Reports, along with the various Java, ASP Classic, and VB6 thrown into the mix.

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