How to Host a Free Site - Intro

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In the coming tutorials, I will describe how to setup a site on your own custom domain, hosted in the cloud!

Host Site Steps

The intended audience is someone new to any of the topics listed below. Each section will give a high level overview along with initial setup and configuration to get you started. In a Choose Your Own Adventure style series, skip parts as needed based on your current level of setup and understanding.

To appeal to different learning styles, I have made a video series on my YouTube channel here going over each section as well.

Part 1 - Machine Setup

  • Machine Setup
    • Install Go
    • Install & Configure VSCode
    • Setup GitLab Account
    • Setup GitExt
    • Create Application In VSCode

Part 2 - Cloud Setup

Part 3 - Domain Hookup

  • Google Domain Steps
    • Purchase Domain
    • Connect Domain To AppEngine
    • Use AppEngine SSL

Part 4 - Use Hugo To Create Site

  • Hugo
    • Setup Hugo Locally
    • Download Hugo Theme
    • Customize Theme
    • Build Site

Part 5 - Deployment Automation

  • CI/CD
    • Create GitLab CI Script
    • Implement Code Check-in Deploy Site Magic

The five part series will give a high level overview of each piece, but will lack technical depth to keep the content easy to digest.

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