Audio Equipment

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I have big ambitions to record myself reading books aloud and recording videos to correspond with my tutorials to help different learning styles. With those ambitions comes a big learning curve! For example, recording myself with the same headset used for pair programming was just not going to cut it.

Current Equipment

"Logitech H800 Headset" The Logitech H800 headset pictured above is great for working remotely as a software engineer. I highly recommend these as a cost effective option.

What I love about the headset is its ability to toggle between the USB dongle and bluetooth. Meaning, I can be using it with my computer and then slide the switch to bluetooth to take a call from my cell phone as needed. The USB connection seems to have minimal interference and a freedom to walk a good distance away without loosing connection.

What I hate about the headset, is how terrible I sound in a recording. At first, I did not think/realize how bad it was. But as time went on and I edited my videos, I realized how wrong I was. :)

Audio Examples

I re-recorded the content I was working on under the Audiobooks section listed under my Showcase menu using a new mic for comparison:

Google Drive Audio Player:

  • BEFORE: Logitech H800 Headset -

  • AFTER: Using New Mic -

There is a clear difference between the headset and my new mic! Hooray!!

New Gear

I choose to purchase a more expensive setup to allow for my growth into audio production in the future like using my keyboard (piano that is) to make educational songs.

"New Gear"

  1. Blue Blackout Spark SL XLR Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter & 20’ XLR Cable - amazon link.
  2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools - amazon link.
  3. Microphone Stand - amazon link.

While the gear was on the higher end, I am very happy with the purchase and have also enjoyed playing with the Pro Tools software I got for free with the purchase above.

Check out my unboxing and review of the new gear if interested on my YouTube channel here {link coming soon…}.