SheBytes is intended to be a site filled with technical tutorials and posts from the view point of an author who identifies as female. The goal of this site is to be a safe and welcoming environment for all experience levels and from all backgrounds.

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Originally, I wanted to call this site bragrammer based on the urban dictionary definition:

Female programmer. We wear bras daily.  Male version = brogrammer.  They say, "bro" daily.

Ultimately, I decided against it because it was hard to say, and I strangely tried it out on a few male colleagues and ended up having to explain brogrammer, which made bragrammer less funny. Nonetheless, I still feel like it could work… so ladies - take that cue if you are looking for a fun site name!! LOL

SheBytes Origination

The name SheBytes first surfaced when my hubby and I decided the summer of 2010 to get certified to sail. Along that journey, we purchased a 1995 Beneteau 281 Oceanis sailboat and it was more cost effective 1 to register the boat with the Coast Guard via a named vessel, so the name originated and she was there after called SheBytes.

"Beneteau 281 Oceanis Sailboat"

I later learned/realized that I’m a power boat girl at   and shebytes sailed off into the sunset.

About Carrie, Creator/Author of SheBytes

I have a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University and 16 years experience in the software industry. The first 5 years supporting end users and trouble-shooting «features» working full time while I completed my degree, and then paid to sling code after that. I am passionate for crafting code to achieve efficient solutions that are user friendly.

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Welcome to the site and I hope you find the content interesting and useful!

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